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Describe the product readiness in the best way
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If in the implementation of the project you use any of the technologies listed below, please note this
Example: The service allows users to publish ads on sale of any vehicle in all the main sites of the Republic of Kazakhstan in an automatic mode with the opportunity to edit and collect statistics for each ad
What is the problem that your product solves? For what the user will pay you (or already pays) the money?
Indicate the key players in your market (direct / indirect competitors)
It is desirable to confirm the benefits in figures (save 30%, faster 3 times, etc.)
And now tell us at whom is your product aimed, according to which scheme it works? At which sector is your project aimed? Select one or more options
Indicate what has already been done to develop the product: you have only an idea or have already implemented a minimum set of functions for which customers are willing to pay (MVP), and you can already start selling, or you are already a mature project with sales
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What competencies in the team are closed? If some roles aren't closed, leave an empty field
Tell us what do you want from the accelerator and which results are you waiting for?
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