Journalists from European publications visited Astana Hub

As part of the press tour organized by Freedom Holding Corp., journalists from Berliner Zeitung (Germany), Wirtschaftswoche (Germany), Ostexperte (Germany), Die Presse (Austria), Le Monde (France), Les Echos (France), La Vanguardia (Spain), El Mundo (Spain), Sudpresse (Belgium) arrived to Astana.

Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub, conducted a tour and talked about the activities of the technopark. In particular, he presented the Alem programming school, created on the world-famous Ecole 42 (01 EDU SYSTEM) model, in partnership with its founder - french programmer and teacher Nicolas Sadirak. Magzhan Madiyev talked about the history of cooperation with Nicolas and the opening of the first peer-to-peer school in Kazakhstan.  

Then there was a tour of the technopark, where guests got acquainted with the infrastructure and residents of the hub - startups and large companies. To this date, there are 925 startup residents, of which 165 have foreign participation. The total income of the participants amounted to 755 billion tenge, exports - 99 billion tenge, and the number of attracted investments - 157 billion tenge. Thanks to tax benefits, companies saved more than 38 billion tenge.    

Assel Dyussembayeva, GR Director of the startup Zan.Bar spoke about the project and cooperation with Astana Hub. Today more than 1800 lawyers are registered at the Zan.Bar database. The service allows customers-users to view the biography, rating, customer reviews, lawyer's track record, education, and other information for a faster search for a suitable lawyer.  

During the presentation of Astana Hub, Magzhan Madiyev spoke in detail about the structure of the hub ecosystem, educational and business programs, international cooperation, programs for developing regional IT initiatives and communities, partnerships with IT universities, Big Tech, and other areas of hub activity.   

The journalists expressed great interest in the activities of the technopark and wished for further success in the development of IT entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan.


КФ Astana Hub

Oct. 13, 2022, midnight