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Seed Money 3

Hello friends!

We are pleased to announce that the Seed money 3 Program extends the acceptance of applications in the main areas of AI, Blockchain, Defense Tech, Game dev, Space tech, Hardware, Smart city have time to apply for financing up to 10,000,000 million tenge by November 22, 2023!

Have time to become a part of a unique program and make an incredible contribution to the development of the IT community!

Information about the Program:

For questions about participation in the competition, you can contact the program managers:,,

or by numbers 2222, +7 7172 73 50 89 .

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Очень здорово, что есть такие программы для молодых специалистов. Спасибо Вам, что предоставляете возможность не только какого-либо заработка, но и развивать IT индустрию в стране. Выражаю огромное уважение!