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Our goal is to expand the deployment of 5G ecosystem
by providing ready 5G solutions for local businesses.


Potential 5G solutions for Businesses

Smart Cities

Smart and connected cities.

Use cases: Delivery droids, Intelligent traffic systems, Remote regulations of urban infrastructure (lights, waters systems, etc.), Security.

Smart Home

Smart and connectes homes.

Use cases: Remote pipe regulations, AR/VR for leasing, Tracking devices.


AI and machine learning for smart transportations and supply chain management.

Use cases: Autonomous driving, Realtime location tracking and reporting, Efficient use of RFID tags.


AR/VR,  hologramatic solutions for B2C clients.

Use cases: XR-broadcasting, XR-Cloud Gaming, Multimedia telephony, AR for Navigation and Advertising.

Remote control

Remote control solutions for production equipment or vehicles that require a minimum response time to get commands from the control center.

Use cases: remote control of heavy machineries, factory automation, remote surgery.

Industrial AR/VR

Solutions that optimize the manufacturing processes and improve labor safety with the help of AR/VR.

Use cases: AR-based maintenance devices, VR infrastructure inspections, VR product design.

Machine vision

Using machine vision in various production cycles, including  cloud data processing. 

Use cases: Finished products defectoscopy, Production process management, Monitoring the volume of construction work performed.

UAV (Drones)

Data exchange between drones and cloud servers.

Use cases: Watering in Agriculture, Wildfire monitoring, Warehouse and retail premises inventory, Creation of maps and models of local relief.

What Do We Offer?


Development of start-up culture and giving support for innovative projects in the field of information and communication technologies in the largest Technology Park of Central Asia.


Netowrking and access to corporates

We have more than 80 operational partners.


PR Support

20M+ media and social media coverage, 1K+ events held, 50K+ event attendees.


Astana Hub participants recieve special tax incentives, between 2018-2021 they have saved $53M.


Support with opening your company in Kazakhstan


There are more than 750 startup-participants in Astana Hub!


You can open your R&D center absolutely for free with the help of our R&D support program.

Connecting with Corporates


    Send your 5G solutions and we will review its applicapility on the local market.


    Meet the experts, get their feedback and create the project development plan.


    We will organize 5G-Launch DEMO DAY where you will get a chance to pitch your project to corporate businesses.


  • Where can I test my 5G product?

    We have our 5G Cell Tower on the premises of Astana Hub where you can test you product.

  • What kind of corporations are intersted in 5G deployment?

    We have over 80 operational partners, which operate in the following spheres and are open to implement 5G solutions in their businesses: GovTech, Telecom, Mining, Oil and Gas, Agro and Railway.

  • What is the current situation with 5G deployment in Kazakhstan?

    It is planned to launch 5G Network in the large cities of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent) by the end of 2022. Source: TengriNews.

  • Is it possible to participate in DEMO online? 

    Of course, our 5G-Launch DEMO Day will be held in both formats, online and offline.

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