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Freelancing is the way of earning money by working remotely, without official employment. You can be anywhere in Kazakhstan and receive tasks from anywhere. 

The international market offers many opportunities and exciting projects. You can work with small businesses and startups and get orders from large global corporations. 

As a freelancer, you can choose only the tasks of interest to you and independently determine the volume of work and its schedule.

How much and how do freelancers earn today?

of respondents note an increase in hourly wages compared to 2020

The average hourly rate has increased to $28, compared to $21 in 2021

of respondents believe that the demand for freelancers will grow further and which will enable them to expand their businesses

of respondents find most of their work through online freelance platforms

Who is this course for


After completing the training, you will be able to competently create a selling profile on a freelance platform, learn how to interact effectively with the customers and be able to receive your first order from anywhere in the world.


If you already have experience working as a freelancer, we will help you learn how to improve your competencies to increase income and receive high-paying orders.


Professional freelancers will learn about the intricacies of working with customers, algorithms and tools on Upwork to improve individual academic performance and achieve a special status on the platform.

What will you get from the course

  • Find your niche

    We will help you analyze and choose your exact specialization, which will let you create an attractive and professional profile. You will also get familiarized with the categories and subcategories of work presented on the Upwork platform.

  • Creating a selling profile

    We will teach and show you how to fill in your data correctly to create a competitive selling profile in the current market conditions and increase your status on freelance exchanges and the level of search queries.

  • Building a project selection strategy and working with the customer

    We will help you develop an effective job search strategy and create an effective interaction process with the customers, from writing a motivational letter to a successful completion of the contract.

  • Forming a conscious approach to getting income from freelancing

    We will tell you about the advantages of freelancing “in white,” sorting out the commission, fees and taxes on Upwork.

How is the course organized

Training is held on an online educational platform of Astana Hub

Support of experts throughout the course 

Video tutorials and materials are available in Kazakh (subtitles) and Russian

10 video lectures of theoretical and applied content from experts and practicing freelancers 

Additional materials for each lesson in the format of checklists, tips, instructions and guides for further use in the work

Home  tasks after each lesson and  feedback from tutors

Practical webinars 

Final testing to consolidate the knowledge gained

Group/individual tracking meetings and consultations with trackers

     How to register for the course

  • Register on the Astana Hub website

  • Leave a request for participation here by filling out the application form

  • After moderation of the application, a confirmation of access to the course will be sent to email

  • Follow the link in the invitation to  get  access to the educational platform



Complete the training and become part of a community of freelancers who, like you, choose independence and flexibility in work

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