International Agents

  • International agents act as a bridge among a startup with potential investors, clients and partners. They help startups to expand into foreign markets.

Steps to become an International Agent

  • Apply

  • Application Review (3-5 days)

  • Interview

  • Sign an agreement

  • Profile publication on the platform

  • Qualification Requirements

  • Work experience

    At least 3 years of work experience in IT, finance, entrepreneurship, public service, international cooperation, science, consulting, journalism or other similar fileds

    Work experience in international companies and/or government agencies of the country of residence will be an advantage

    Senior and Master students with advanced understanding of IT-ecosystem, startups and VC 

  • Network

    Strong professional network in IT, VC, corporate finance, international accelerators, government agencies or international organizations

  • Soft skills

    Strong communication skills and ability to establish contacts with potential investors and clients

As an International Agent, you can enrich the startup journey!

Become an International Agent


Professional conduct

Respond on timely manner

Don’t underestimate the importance of timely response 

Integrity and honesty

Disclose information in a respectful and compassionate way  

Respect for others

Treat people as you want to be treated

Communicate openly

Share your opinions, ideas and ethical stance


Treat entrusted information as confidential

Conflict of interest

Avoid the pursuit of multiple interests


  • How long can I be an International Agent?

    Once you pass an interview with Astana Hub, you can be an International Agent as long as you can. The agreement with Astana Hub will be renewed annually.

  • What are the terms?

    International agents support startups on a voluntary basis (not-paid).
    However, being an international agent gives an opportunity for:
    ✓ network expansion with startups, VC funds, accelerators, government entities and other international agents
    ✓getting credentials in IT and VC industries
    ✓opportunity to work with startups on mutually agreed terms. 

  • What type of support do startups need?

    Startups’ requests might include the following:
    ✓ Market insights (economic, business, social and cultural insights)
    ✓ Connecting startups with venture investors  
    ✓ Connecting with potential clients 
    ✓ Introducing to IT community and/or international accelerators
    ✓ Connecting with potential partners: Tax & Legal, Finance, Market experts and others
    ✓ Mentorship

  • How do startups select International Agents?

    Startups select International Agents based on the country of their interest and type of the support they need.