What opportunities does the program provide?

                                                                                                              Financing private schools to train students in the field of IT

                                                                                                                                         Funding amount - up to 600,000 tenge per student

                                                                                                                                         Stimulating the opening of new IT schools in all regions of the country

                                                                                                                                         Training of qualified specialists to strengthen the IT industry

Program concept

The selection process for participation in the Program can be characterized by 3 stages


Astana Hub

Reception and processing of applications from IT-schools


Independent Commission

IT-school аccreditation



Selection process of students

Who can become a Program Participant?

  • 01

    Private IT-school

  • 02

    Member of Astana Hub

  • 03

    Priority types of education training in IT

  • 04

    Course duration > 6 months

  • 05

    Teaching students from 18 to 45 years old

Priority types of training in the field of IT

Programming languages

Video game development

Artificial intelligence

Big data analysis

Software architecture and administration

3D Application Development, AR/VR


Mobile Application Development

Architecture and design of solutions in the field of Internet of Things

Architecture and administration of network systems

Development of solutions based on the software and hardware platform

Development of operating systems

Design and development of information systems

Web application development

Do you want to get funding for your students?

Tech Orda

Online registration

Online registration

Program stages


Filing an application

Filling out an electronic application at


Accreditation of IT-schools and courses

Review of submitted materials and online voting by the Independent Commission


Quota distribution

Based on the mathematical calculations of the algorithm based on the effectiveness of IT schools


Selection of students

Placement of the showcase of IT-schools and selection of students by IT-schools on the platform of the Jusan Bank mobile application. When selecting students, schools are also entitled to create a waiting list.


Signing contracts 

Standard contracts between 1) Astana Hub and IT-schools and 2) IT-schools and students. In addition to the standard contracts, IT-schools have the right to sign an additional agreement with the student.



Providing monthly reporting on learning status

Key Components of the Application

  • 01

    Course syllabuses

    name of the courses, duration, cost, format, methodology and curriculum by topic, criteria for selecting and evaluating students, information about the teaching staff (if available), the use of technology in teaching (if available) and other information necessary to demonstrate the quality and relevance of the proposed courses

  • 02

    Video presentation

    concept of the school, team, form of education, target audience, student selection process, course content, plans for scaling, teaching methods, modernity of teaching technologies and their application, performance assessment system and other information necessary to demonstrate the quality and relevance of the courses offered

  • 03

    Success Stories

    during the operation of an IT-school of more than 1 year, it is possible to provide information on officially employed graduates who have completed their studies at an IT-school over the past 3 (three) years

Criteria for quota distribution

  • Unconditional quotas

    Regardless of the period of activity

    Distributed among all selected IT-schools in equal numbers

    No tax debt

    Syllabuses of courses

    Presentation in pdf format

    Video presentation


  • Conditional quotas

    Period of activity - more than 1 year

    Providing a list of graduates

    Verification of graduates

  • Adjustment coefficients

    Availability of a computer-equipped classroom

    Registration in the region

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Documents for review

The procedure for implementing the Tech Orda Program

List of priority activities

Presentation of the Tech Orda program

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FAQ for IT-schools

  • Can an IT-school registered as an individual entrepreneur participate in the program?

    Individual entrepreneurs (IE) cannot become participants of Astana Hub and, as a result, the participants of the Tech Orda program as well. However, when changing the organizational and legal form from the IE to another in order to participate in the program, the IT-school can provide a list of Success Stories from the time of the IE's activity. At the same time, in a new legal entity, the founder and/or the first head must be an individual entrepreneur or an individual who carries out individual entrepreneurship in the same IE, whose Success Story is used within the framework of the Program. At the same time, the Success Story of an individual entrepreneur (the founder and/or the first head of a legal entity) is applied and counted exclusively in relation to one IT-school.

  • For which courses or specialties are quotas allocated?

    Quotas are allocated for courses in accordance with the areas specified in paragraph 17 of the List of priority activities in the field of information and communication technologies, which can be found in the “Documents for review” section.

  • Are there any requirements for the course syllabus?

    The checklist for syllabus is available in the electronic application.

  • What is the difference between unconditional and conditional quotas in addition to the list of documents?

    The advantage is only in the number of quotas that the Program Participant can receive. The share of unconditional quotas is 30% of the total number of quotas. The number of conditional quotas depends only on how the documents you provide meet additional criteria.

  • Which graduates can be submitted as Success Stories?

    Data of graduates who graduated from IT-school no more than 3 years ago.

  • Is it possible to apply graduates working abroad as Success Stories?

    Yes, it is possible. The share of such graduates should be no more than 30% of the total list of graduates, while their income is not taken into account when calculating the effectiveness of IT-schools.

  • How is the accreditation process going?

    At the application stage, IT-schools provide syllabuses, a pdf presentation and a video presentation. An independent Commission reviews these materials on the portal If you have any questions, the Independent Commission has the right to invite IT-schools for additional hearing through Zoom. Further, the members of the Commission vote for or against the participation of 1) the IT-school and 2) each course presented by the IT-school.

  • What is the "Showcase of IT-schools"?

    The showcase of IT-schools is a single online platform of IT-schools hosted in the Jusan Bank mobile application, including schools that have been selected under the Tech Orda program. This showcase was created so that potential students could get acquainted with the availability of schools and information about the courses presented for further training in IT specialties.

  • Who is on the Independent Commission?

    The Independent Commission consists of representatives of government agencies, international organizations and the IT-market, including the Advisory Board of Astana Hub.

  • How does the algorithm allocate quotas?

    The algorithm calculates the effectiveness of the school based on the average salary of graduates (Success Stories) and the weighted average cost of the courses of each IT-school. If additional criteria are met (computer-equipped classroom and/or regional registration), an adjustment coefficient is applied. Next, the comparative effectiveness of a certain IT-school is calculated relative to other participants.

  • What are the requirements for students? Who selects students?

    A student under the Tech Orda program can be residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan aged 18 to 45 years. The direct selection of students is carried out by IT-schools based on their own requirements (for example, providing a resume, passing tests, etc.).

  • How is funding done?

    An advance payment of 30% is paid to IT-school after signing the contract with the attached list of students. The remaining payment in the amount of 70% is made after the completion of the students' training based on the provided monthly reports, certificates and other necessary documentation.

  • Is it possible to replace a student after selection?

    Yes, however, only under the following circumstances:

    If a Student refuses to attend the Course before the actual training begins, the Program Participant must select a new Student from among the Candidates on the waiting list.

    If there is a need to replace a Student after the start of training, only those students who study for a fee with a Program Participant in the same stream can apply for the vacant Quota. Therefore, at the stage of signing the Contract, the Program Participants are required to provide a complete list of students enrolled in the Course, including those studying on a fee basis.

    In case of impossibility of replacement, Astana Hub reserves the right to withhold the appropriate amount of funding for the Student who has dropped out, or to demand a refund of the funds already transferred.

  • What does "waiting list" mean?

    The waiting list is formed by IT-schools at the stage of Student selection. The participants of the Program form a waiting list (in the amount of 10% of the total number of quotas) from among the Candidates who have successfully passed the selection, but have not received funding due to the limited number of Quotas issued to this Participant of the Program.

FAQ for students

  • Do Candidates who have received a quota have to work after training?

    No, there are no such counter-obligations.

  • How long does Tech Orda quota training take?

    The training will take from 6 months or more, depending on the Course and the IT-school you plan to enter.

  • Where can I get acquainted with programming schools (Program Participants) and presented courses?

    The showcase of IT schools (Program Participants) is presented on the Partner's Platform in a mobile application. The link will be available later.

  • How is the selection of prospective students?

    Each IT-school independently conducts the process of selecting students according to its own criteria on the Partner's Platform. Astana Hub does not accept applications from students.

  • When will student selection start?

    The announcement of the recruitment of students will be made after the selection of schools. Follow the news on this page and on Astana Hub social networks.