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Unleash the potential of your organization and take the first step towards a culture of innovation. 
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Drive your company's growth and success by fostering a culture of innovation. 
Click now to schedule a consultation with our experts and find out
how we can help you unlock the potential of your organization

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Partner resources for 
IT companies

As part of the Partner Resources program at 
Astana Hub together with IT companies,
provides technopark residents
and program participants with
free and preferential access
to partner services.


              R&D centers                                                

The R&D center can interact with startups, 
students, developers and other stakeholders
of the innovation ecosystem to share
experience and knowledge.


              GameDev Center                                                

Development of the GameDev community:
from education to project implementation 
in the mobile and computer games industry.


                   5G Center                                               

An open international program to refine 
and test new digital products using
the benefits of 5G technology.


             Blockchain Center                                             

Astana Hub, together with the Center for the 
Development of Payment and Financial
Technologies under the National Bank
of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
launched the Blockchain Center,
aimed at supporting the blockchain industry
in the region through the development
of digital projects built on distributed
ledger technology.

         Модуль Tech задачи                                              

The Technological Challenges module is 
a resource for ads seeking solutions
and collecting proposals
from the IT market.


Take one step towards innovation and become part of the IT community!


Что мы можем предложить вам?


The growing community of Astana Hub makes 
it easy to find partners among more
than 1000 IT companies.


PR support

Coverage of events, promotion 
in social networks and information
resources of Astana Hub and partners.

of innovation

We will help you find an IT solution
using our methods and programs

Corporate Partners

Our team

Uskembayev Tanat


Координация Офиса по направлениям, развитие коммуникации с корпорациями и компаниями.

Почта: t.uskembayev@astanahub.com 

Tolegenkyzy Assem

Главный менеджер

Развитие корпоративных инноваций и координатор по отраслевому центру 5G 

Почта: a.tolegenkyzy@astanahub.com 

 Kassymtayeva Zhansaya

Senior manager

Координатор GameDave Center и R&D Centers

Почта: zh.kassymtayeva@astanahub.com