Silkway Accelerator

Boost your startup with the best experts and mentors from Google for Startups in our flagship acceleration program. We bring together guidance, insights, and support you need  to hit your next milestone.

This program will be held offline in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, for companies from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Mongolia only.

Application window for the first cohort is closed.




For a startup to successfully scale to the broader markets, it takes expertise, network and repeatable best practices and that’s what we offer in our new program Silkway Accelerator developed in partnership with Google for Startups.

The program is carefully tailored for startups that are at the Product Market Fit stage, during which the participants of the program will be assisted in setting up efficient business processes, scaling, meeting like-minded people and preparing for investments.




Benefits for the participants:


Apartments for 2 members of the team are provided for free in Nur-Sultan near Astana Hub for 3 months

Coworking spaces

Free coworking space at Astana Hub together with many other IT start-ups/companies

Seed Money

Chance to get financing from the Seed Money program of up to $55k

PR Support

Interesting and successful startup cases will become the heroes of interviews, live broadcasts, Google for Startups and Astana Hub website and social media 

Invest Day

Access to Invest Day forums that connect startups with the investors


Connect and learn with a global community of the world’s best entrepreneurial organizations from Google for Startup and Astana Hub


Take your startup to the next stage!





The program consists of:



Each project is assigned an individual tracker - a specialist who helps teams: implement management techniques, monitor the dynamics of business indicators, facilitate meetings with partner companies and others.



Mentoring and individual consultations by Google for Startups and Astana Hub experts/industry specialists are available everyday in different fields, like: marketing, finance, business model development, pitching, etc.



Board meetings, sales meetings, masterminds will be held to share results, exchange experiences, cross-selling, collaboration, forming horizontal connections between the participants, etc.



Online and offline workshops both from Google for Startups, Astana Hub and guest lectures with investors, experienced founders of IT-companies, etc.

Порядок проведения отбора

  • 01

    Online registration

    Filling out an electronic application and attach the necessary documents
  • 02

    Online registration

    Filling out an electronic application and attach the necessary documents
  • 03

    Online registration

    Filling out an electronic application and attach the necessary documents
  • 04

    Online registration

    Filling out an electronic application and attach the necessary documents


It is time to accelerate!


Selection Process

  • 12 June - 23:59(+6 GMT, Nur-Sultan time)

    Application deadline

    After the submission of the applications, the screening and diagnostics (interview) of the received applications will be conducted by the experts of Google for Startups and Astana Hub.

  • 28 June

    Participant list announcement

    of applications

    After the sumbition of the application, the screening of the received applications will be conducted

  • 28 June - 8 July

    Preparations for the program

    Accepted applicants will be required to sign Agreements to participate in the Program; Non-Kazakhstani participants will be assisted with getting necessary procedures.

  • 29 June

    Move-in starts

    Participants in need of accommodation will be able to move-in to the housing provided by Astana Hub.

  • 8 July

    Program start

    The program will officially start on the 4th of july, kicking off the welcome week workshops.


Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the program!





Program Overview:

12 weeks


  • Week 0

    08.07.22 - Friday

    Grand opening ceremony. Welcome meeting. Group dynamics. How we work in an accelerator. Getting to know each other. About the accelerator (what/why/how we will work), introduction to the teams, organisational issues (registration in groups, chat rooms, GD), distribution among the trackers, SPACE model. Getting to know the platform.

    09.07.22 - Saturday

    Random Virtual Coffee meeting

    10.07.22 - Sunday

    Day off

  • Week 1: Planning

    11.07.22 - Monday Strategic session
    15.07.22 - Friday

    GfS workshop: What Makes an Effective Founder

    16.07.22 - Saturday

    Weekly Obligatory Tracktion Meeting



  • Week 2: Planning

    19.07.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Achieving your vision with OKRs
    20.07.22 - Wednesday

    Alisher's Office Hours

    10:00 - 16:00

    23.07.22 - Saturday

    Weekly Obligatory Tracktion Meeting


  • Week 3: Planning

    26.07.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Firebase Analytics & Engage
    30.07.22 - Saturday

    Weekly Obligatory Tracktion Meeting



  • Week 4: Product development

    01.08.22 - Monday Selling arguments or how to sell your product
    02.08.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Getting Started with Google Ads workshop
    03.08.22 - Wednesday Building sales processes. How to build an ideal system
    04.08.22 - Thursday Board Meeting
    05.08.22 - Friday


    06.08.22 - Saturday

    Random Virtual Coffee meeting

    07.08.22 - Sunday

     Day off


  • Week 5: Sales

    08.08.22 - Monday Sales funnel. Unit economics in simple words.
    09.08.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: People + AI (Module I)
    10.08.22 - Wednesday Sell here and now (sales meeting)es
    11.08.22 - Thursday Marketing strategy. Make a perfect advertisement
    12.08.22 - Friday Day off
    13.08.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    14.08.22 - Sunday Day off


  • Week 6: Marketing

    15.08.22 - Monday Social media marketing.
    16.08.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Introduction to Digital Marketing
    17.08.22 - Wednesday Startup promotion. Basic rules
    18.08.22 - Thursday Board Meeting
    19.08.22 - Friday Day off
    20.08.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    21.08.22 - Sunday Day off


  • Week 7: Scale

    22.08.22 - Monday Market analysis and evaluation. A picture for an investor or a necessary tool? How to evaluate the market correctly and why it is necessary.
    23.08.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Hold Consistent Expectations of Co-Founders
    24.08.22 - Wednesday How to build marketing. When do we start scaling?
    25.08.22  - Thursday Mentor Carousel
    26.08.22 - Friday Day off
    27.08.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    28.08.22 - Sunday Day off
  • Week 8: Strong team organization

    29.08.22 - Monday How to create a dream team? Teams in successful companies
    30.08.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Sustain Yourself and Others
    31.08.22  - Wednesday Core competencies in the team. How to understand what we need
    01.09.22 - Thursday Board Meeting
    02.09.22 - Friday Day off
    03.09.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    04.09.22 - Sunday Day off


  • Week 9: Legal Basics

    05.09.22 - Monday

    Day off

    06.09.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Invite Disagreement
    07.09.22 - Wednesday Intellectual property protection. How to make it hard to copy you
    08.09.22 - Thursday Contract with the investor. What to pay attention to when concluding a contract.
    09.09.22 - Friday Weekend
    10.09.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    11.09.22 - Sunday Day off


  • Week 10: Introduction to Investments

    12.09.22 - Monday What are venture funds looking at
    13.09.22 - Tuesday GfS workshop: Community management for Startups
    14.09.22 - Wednesday Financial modeling and evaluation for a startup
    15.09.22 - Thursday Board Meeting
    16.09.22 - Friday Weekend
    17.09.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    18.09.22 - Sunday Day off


  • Week 11: Powerful pitching

    19.09.22 - Monday Day off
    20.09.22 - Tuesday  
    21.09.22 - Wednesday

    Presentation for the investor. Getting ready to perform

    22.09.22 - Thursday Rehearsal of presentations
    23.09.22 - Friday Rehearsal of presentations
    24.09.22 - Saturday Random Virtual Coffee meeting
    25.09.22 - Sunday  Day off



  • Week 12: Demo

    26.09.22 - Monday Rehearsal of presentations
    27.09.22 - Tuesday Rehearsal of presentations
    28.09.22 - Wednesday

    Rehearsal of presentations

    29.09.22 - Thursday Board Meeting
    30.09.22 - Friday Demo Day
    01.10.22 - Saturday Day off
    02.10.22 - Sunday Day off

Eligibility Criteria:


For startups at the

Product/market fit stage



Startup is required to have an IT component in its structure


Electronic digital signature(EDS)

All members must have an electronic digital signature(EDS) to registration in the program

*information for non-Kazakhstani participants regarding visas and electronic digital signatures is provided below


Offline format

In-person attendance of the events in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan for the duration of the program is required (3 months) 

*information for non-Kazakhstani participants regarding visas and electronic digital signatures is provided below



Fluency both in English and Russian languages


For Central Asian and neighboring countries only

The program is dedicated for startups whose founder's citizenship is of either: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azebaijan or Mongolia

Time left to register:

0 Days
0 Hours
0 Minutes
0 Seconds

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Information for non-Kazakhstani participants:







More information


— No Visa needed - up to 30 days

— Companies from Uzbekistan can apply for a temporary residence permit to stay for up to 1 or 2 years after receiving the IIN(Individual Identification Number) and EDS(electronic digital signature)

— The basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit is a signed Agreement for participation in Silkway Accelerator.


  • Will the event be held online or offline?

    Silkway Accelerator will be held offline in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

  • What is the cost of participating in the program?

    The program is fully free of charge for the participants.

  • Do I have to be physically in Nur-Sultan to participate in the program?

    Yes, a physical presence at the workshops in Nur-Sultan is obligatory to participate in all three months of the program.

  • Our group has two ideas. Can we submit two applications?

    We don‘t recommend it. You should pick your favorite idea and apply with that one.

  • As a CEO of my company, can I send someone else in my stead to participate in the program?

    No, the participation of the CEO on the program is obligatory.

  • What is the language of the program?

    The program will be held in a bilingual format both in English and Russian languages.

  • I am a founder of a startup/company and my citizenship is from outside of the Central Asian region. Can I apply?

    We only accept CEOs whose citizenship is from either Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan or Mongolia.

  • Will there be accomodation offered in the city of Nur-Sultan?

    Yes, for those participants that are in need of accomodation we will be able to provide solutions in Nur-Sultan.

  • How do I determine if my startup/company is at PMF, Scale or higher stage?

    There are no clear guidelines on what is considered as the PMF or Scale stage of the startup. Our definition is that PMF - working channel of sales, clear of understanding of growth, good unit economy.

    Scale - putting funds into the channel of sales.

  • Will I be able to get investments or funding when participating in the program?

    Yes, the participants will automatically enter the Seed Money program by Astana Hub, more about the program here.

  • How long will the program last?

    The program will last for 3 months, including the Demo Day.

  • Can I bring my team members/employees to Nur-Sultan to participate in the program?

    Yes, however we will assist in accommodating the company of up to 2 people.


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