Enrollment of students for the Tech Orda Program in 2023 has been completed 
The new enrollment for the Program will be in 2024!

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Tech Orda is a funding program for the training of IT specialists in private schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The amount of funding (voucher) is up to 600,000 tenge per student.

Be among IT-specialists thanks to the Tech Orda program!


Мы можем сделать из твоей идеи реальный бизнес-прототип

Stages of student selection

  • Candidate

    register on the platform

  • Candidate

    goes to the Showcase section with a list of IT schools and available courses

  • Candidate

    chooses the desired course

  • Candidate Applications

    sent for moderation to IT schools

  • IT schools

    select students from candidates

  • IT schools

    select students from candidates

FAQ for students

  • How long does Tech Orda quota training take?

    The training will take from 6 months or more, depending on the Course and the IT school you plan to enter

  • What documents do I need to apply to the Tech Orda program as a student?

    Each IT school has its own requirements, which they post on the Showcase of the astanahub.com portal

  • Do Candidates who have received a quota have to work after training?

    No, Astana Hub does not provide for such kind of counter obligations. Other conditions can be regulated in the contract between the IT school and the student

  • Is it possible for a student to transfer from one IT school to another, which is also a Tech Orda Participant?

    If a student has already started his studies at the IT school of his choice, then he does not have the right to transfer to another IT school.

  • How many IT schools can a student apply to?

    Сandidate can apply for a maximum of 5 courses, schools may be repeated. However, based on the selection results, the student must choose only one course.

  • Who covers the costs if the cost of the course exceeds 600,000 tenge?

    The amount of grant coverage is up to 600 000 tenge, if the course costs more than 600,000 tenge, then in this case the remainder will have to be covered by the candidate himself.

  • How is the selection of prospective students conducted?

    Each IT school independently conducts the student selection process based on their own criteria on the astanahub.com portal. Students apply for the Tech Orda program through the Showcase of IT Schools, hosted on the astanahub.com portal.

Get a chance to become an IT specialist with the Tech Orda program!

For additional questions, you can contact the following numbers:

Call-centre Astana Hub: 2222, +7 7172 73 50 89 


While the recruitment for the Tech Orda program has not started, you have a chance to study at the Astana Hub courses!

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You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!


You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!


You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!


You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!