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  • What is scouting?

    Technological scouting is a search for concrete technological solutions and projects both with the internal resources of the company and with the help of attracted service providers. The tool allows you to reduce the time and resources for market research, as well as quickly find startups interested in strategic partnerships and having ideas that match the interests of the company.

    Comparison of low financial costs of use, identification of new technologies to increase efficiency.

  • What is hackathon?

    Hackathons are events in which small teams of specialists from different fields work together to solve a problem identified by the host  company. Hackathons can be held for both external participants and company employees.

    Hackathons are used to search for innovative solutions of a low level of readiness for the purpose of further refinement, as well as to find and attract qualified personnel. Based on the hackathon results, the company may decide to finance a startup for revision and further use of the idea, or to hire promising employees. Hackathons are most often used to develop IT solutions. Usually hackathons last from one day to a week. The site can be created both inside the corporate office and on the basis of a third-party hackathon. During the hackathon, external or internal experts (marketers, business analysts, developers, etc.) are present to advise the teams during the event, and also evaluate their final work together with the organizer. Hackathons are often held in partnership with educational or research organizations (universities). The role of HEIs is to attract participants (students and young scientists), as well as to provide scientific and technological expertise for solutions.

    Search for promising personnel, focus on solving a specific problem, working out new ideas for the company.

  • What is Digitalization Day / Startup Competition?

    During the digitalization day / start-up competition, the organizers identify the technology area of ​​interest and invite teams to participate in the competition. Each team submits their solution to the problem for consideration. The best projects receive funding and the opportunity to conduct a pilot project on the site of the organization.

    A large number of versatile ideas of a higher stage of development (regarding hackathons), improvement and development of the corporate image.

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