Middle & Senior Fullstack Web Developer

Brief description of the vacancy

Develop and maintain Web Apps / Websites across 12 Countries and 8 languages. We are a remote team of English-speaking international developers.


— Website maintenance; 

— Adaptive and responsive Frontend development (our design team uses Figma), optimization of scripts;

— Development of new web functionality for customers and content managers - forms; interactive blocks, cart, user admin panel, — Integration with third-party solutions;

Migration of existing technologies from Drupal and MerlinOne to an all in one headless CMS solution

— Overall website optimization - scripts minification, file optimization, (http2, Brotli, etc)

Commercial experience with stack below: 

— PHP (Laravel, Drupal), AWS, MySQL, docker

— React (or VUE), CSS, JavaScript (jQuery - or your preferable framework), Bootstrap 4, CSS3, HTML5 API;

– GIT (Bitbucket, GitLab)


— Drupal (we use it as the main CMS for our websites) 

— Laravel. 

— Basic Linux knowledge

— Apache & AWS knowledge

— Salesforce basic experience

— Drupal (we use it as the main CMS for our websites) 

— Docker

We work in Jira & Confluence; deployment in biweekly Sprints.

Basic understanding of SEO: microdata, metatags, indexing, redirects

Telegram: @KROYN

Email: nikita.kroyn@fleetcor.com