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Qosil is the foundation of a future of true connectivity. We employ a micros-services architecture to integrate various tools to bring data from virtually any source into a single GUI. Qosil provides

Qosil means connected in the Kazakh language. Qosil is the first company of its kind to serve the Eurasia and African markets. As the region continues to grow, the need for integrated data for critical decision making and operations that originates from the countries stretching from Morocco to China will become critical. In addition, sharing original content from these areas is the foundation of increasing the cultural exchange of knowledge, critical news and ideas to empower an entirely new generation. Our unique offering, Qosil.app, allows data and content owners to retain or host their proprietary data and content. Metered by subscription or per Kilobyte, Qosil serve our customer’s content on a hybrid local, on-prem and cloud CDN.