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Ismeil Dzaurov 27 years old
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I work in Filmotion creative and multimedia lab as technical director. I like to create very interesting projects with art and technology.

I studied at AUPET, faculty of automation of control systems.

After university, I came to Filmotion. Then he began to translate his dreams into reality.

Recently, I have been engaged in projects in the field of sophisticated intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Knowledge of languages: English, Russian, Kazakh and Ingush
Skill: VVVV, TouchDesginer, python, C++, C4D, Maya, AE, Unity, Unreal Engine.



FILMOTIOM - креативная и мультимедийная лаборатория. Занимается созданием мультимедийных шоу и и...
Aug 16, 2019