Nauryz (in Kaz = March) is a spring festival of renewal, which is celebrated in Kazakhstan and many other countries from March 21, the day of the vernal equinox. For Kazakhs, this holiday symbolizes spring renewal, love, fertility and friendship. Nauryz means the beginning of a new year, the arrival of spring, the time when all life on earth awakens to new life. On this day Kazakhs dress up in festive outfits, visit each other, exchange congratulations and wish good luck in the year to come.

Today these traditions are reflected in folk festivities in honor of the holiday, which are accompanied by fun, games, horse races and other entertainment. One of the main ritual dishes for this day is nauryz-kozhe, which contains seven ingredients symbolizing joy, luck, wisdom, health, prosperity, speed, growth and divine protection.

On this holiday in the cities and villages of the country you can taste national cuisine, get acquainted with the life and traditions of the people, enjoy the music of dombra and feel the hospitality of the Kazakh people.

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