World Space Day: My Journey into the Space

Growing up, space was not something that particularly interested me. I was never fascinated by astronauts, planets, or galaxies. However, my perspective changed when I had the opportunity to meet a group of American astronauts who visited American Corner Karaganda when I was 19 years old. Their blue jackets, which matched my blue hair, and their dad jokes, left a lasting impression on me.

The Birth of the Space Club:

Years later, when I was working at American Corner Karaganda, we received a telescope. A few visitors expressed interest in it, and that's when we decided to start a space club. I began recruiting volunteers and launched a promotional campaign. The opening event attracted over 40 people, mostly students, and some adults, which was surprising given that it wasn't a weekend. We collaborated with local media, and our efforts were featured in the Republican media - Egemen Kazakhstan.

The Journey Continues:

The success of the space club inspired me to learn more about space. I became a member of a group of space photographers in my hometown of Karaganda, and I had the opportunity to meet some inspiring space-tech entrepreneurs. I am keeping my eye on the latest space-tech developments and staying updated on space exploration news.

The Beauty and Mystery of Space:

As we celebrate World Space Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the beauty and mystery of space and the inspiring individuals who dedicate their lives to exploring it. Space is a fascinating field to explore, and there is always something new to discover and share.


The story of the space club is a reminder that it's never too late to pursue your interests. Who knows, you too might find yourself gazing up at the stars with wonder and awe. In my upcoming articles, I will share more about Yerassyl Tauekel, the younger space promoter, TEDx speaker, and Artyom Slesarenko, a space-tech entrepreneur, and space tech events organized here in Astana Hub, all of whom are from Karaganda. So, stay tuned for more space-related content.

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