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After 2 years of working as a project manager in the office from 9.00 to 18.00, I really wanted to master a profession that would allow me to work remotely and without a clear schedule.

Of all the specializations that allow you to work in this mode, design interested me the most. Therefore, I decided to apply for a grant from TechOrda.

I applied to Alpha Edu school because he included both graphic design and UX UI in his studies. I wanted to explore this area as widely as possible, so that later I could understand what I like more and go deeper vertically in the future.

The school was strong in explaining how to work with design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Figma. They were able to explain the principles of how programs work so that looking at different works on the Internet, you can roughly understand which tools / functions were used for one effect or another. The figure covered important and complex topics such as system design and components. In general, it is an excellent base for starting.

Homework was moderately difficult, sometimes requiring independent search and learning of material on the Internet. If you are active and ask questions, then the tutor always helped on request. Moral support was felt throughout the training, for this special thanks!

I think that this training should be actively combined with independent theory training in other resources, then the result will not leave you waiting.

I did this during my studies, and as a result, after completing the course, I received a part-time job offer as a designer to create static banners. The work is remote and without a schedule, as I originally wanted.

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