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Astana Hub happy birthday!

An oasis of innovation and technology is blossoming in the heart of the steppes – Astana HUB, a place where the future of IT is becoming a reality today. Astana International IT Technopark HUB is not just a platform, it is a powerful engine of progress that gathers the brightest and most talented representatives of the digital world.

🚀 Congratulations from the bottom of my heart Astana HUB and all its participants with a given list. Your mission to turn Kazakhstan into a recognizable center of technological innovation development is already being realized with every project, every new graduate and every startup born under your wings.

Be an inspiration to millions, paving the way for new breakthrough IT companies, and continue your noble work to attract talented IT specialists from all over the world. May each of your ideas be successful, each undertaking be fruitful, and Astana HUB will continue to grow and prosper, strengthening its position as a leading innovation hub not only in Central Asia, but also around the world!

I join in celebrating your successes and wish you inexhaustible energy, new achievements and an endless stream of innovations.

With respect and best wishes!

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Kirill Grebennikov, в лице Astana Hub благодарим Вас за поздравительный пост, активность и веру в нашу деятельность! Надеемся на дальнейшее тесное взаимодействие и поддержку!