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BioDS: The book is really the best gift

I shared my story in the comment section of the OutpeerKZ video, and here is the result: I won the book "Rewired: The McKinsey Guide to Emerging in the Age of Digital and AI", signed by McKinsey's Managing Partner in Central Asia, Dulatbek Iqbaev! 📚 This is a real inspiration for me.

The fact is that Dulatbek hails from Petropavlovsk, where I studied most of the time myself, and from where I am now preparing my leap into the world of IT)

I remember my way from a rural school, where I studied with an amazing teacher who believed in me (Nina Mikhailovna, hello and thank you for your English lessons!) to use language to learn the most interesting things that this world has to offer. Now I'm here, plunging into the world of Data Science with a little creak and getting ready - figuratively - to work my fingers to the bone in order to contribute to the development of the world around us. 🌍

Share your experience, comment on the post and we will move forward together! 💡 By the way, my LinkedIn:

Special thanks to the OutpeerKZ team and Alibi Sansyzbai for such podcasts.#DataScience #My way #OutpeerKZ #New Features of #BioDS

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