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CARRIP.ORG -blockchain intellectual property network of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the development of the creative industry

The Register of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on blockchain technologies for reliable protection and management of copyrights. Solves the problem of illegal distribution and copying of intellectual property in the digital environment. The main innovation of the CARRIP project is to create a unique registry on the blockchain for tokenization of copyrights. This makes it possible not only to securely register and protect intellectual property, but also to turn creative assets into investment products. Thus, the project opens up new opportunities for monetization of creativity and provides authors, artists, musicians and other creative professionals with a tool to generate income from their intellectual work, as well as gives investors access to a new asset class. The use of blockchain enhances the reliability and security of transactions, as well as the convenience of monetization of copyrights through the built-in marketplace.

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