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Expansion Hub x Astana Hub = ♥️

We are in a hurry to share with you the news of our Expansion Hub school.We remind you that as part of our participation in the Techorda project, we are implementing training in three areas:

- Product management

- Cybersecurity

- Artificial intelligence

Training at the Expansion Hub began in October, which means that six months of productive work have already been completed and students are on the finishing line to success! 🚀

At our school, students can build up not only professional skills, but also actively develop soft skills. It is soft skills that help us to adapt more easily to the rapid changes of the modern world and achieve success in any professional field! ⬆️

On March 28, our team organized a Meetup at the Astana Hub to analyze the interim results. We have conducted cool mini-games that contribute to the development of soft skills of our students.

We learned how to work together as a team, developed communication skills and critical thinking. Following the meeting, the guys analyzed their experience and expanded their professional circle of communication.

Many students have already started preparing for the final project! We don't have much time left - and we will achieve our goals! 🤩

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