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Guest lecture for students of the TechOrda program from the Extra Academy

At our master class, Arsen Baysarin, a participant in the incubation program for startups from AstanaHub, shared some moments from his professional life that led him to his current position. Arsen holds the position of Head of the Financial Ecosystem Management Department at Freedom Bank.

Arsen's first experience began with an unpaid internship in the field of frontend development, after which he moved on to full-tech development. Over time, his vision of the product and the development of soft-skills led him to the field of management.

One of the important stages in his career was the launch of a startup in collaboration with a friend. Arsen acted as the creator and designer of a project related to pharmacology. Their startup was incubated in Astana Hub, where they spent six months (from September to December) analyzing the market and conducting research in medical institutions. They have developed a system for pharmacies that allows the pharmacist to quickly find information on the use of medicines. In six months, they created more than 65,000 videos with instructions for the use of medicines and attracted an investment of $ 200,000 at the end of December. This experience helped Arsen learn how to form a team and rent a workspace.

At the moment, 63 employees work under Arsen's leadership, including developers and designers who work together to create and develop the Freedom Bank financial ecosystem.

Arsen advises everyone to remember that personal startup experience is often valued higher than just work experience, and encourages them to constantly try new things and develop. The development of soft-skills is of key importance even for developers, because it is important to be able to convey information to customers in a clear language.

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