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Digital technologies and artificial intelligence are able to level the opportunities for equal access to education.

The use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies in the field of education can open up new opportunities for students, and first of all it is the expansion of equal access. If we talk about preschool education, then not in the distant future every child will be able to have his own personal teacher available 24/7, no matter where in the world he would not be.

 To make education with equal access for every child, it is necessary to ensure the digitalization of education worldwide. The problem of unequal access in education remains relevant. For example, the location of a school can determine educational opportunities, the more popular the school, the higher the prices for nearby housing, which creates social inequality and deprives many talents of the opportunity to realize themselves. Digital technologies and artificial intelligence may not eliminate inequality, but they can level up opportunities for children facing social and other difficulties.

These and other most acute and relevant topics will be discussed on November 15-16 in Almaty at the international conference on digital technologies in education "EdCrunch X", where the main topic is: "Equal access for everyone." 

Through 7 thematic tracks, conference participants will be able to learn how technologies are created, what new approaches and tools are already being used to ensure access of children and adults to quality education.

"EdCrunch" is the largest conference on new technologies in education, which has been held since 2014. For ten years, the conference has brought together information technology specialists, developers, teachers, parents, companies and startups in the field of EdTech. EdCrunch has become a global driving force in education, bringing together more than 1,500 recognized experts from 35 countries. This year the conference will be held with the support of EA GROUP General Partner, QS University Rating Agency, Minerva Innovation University, ETU partners, LENOVO.

This year, heads of the Pedagogical University of Hong Kong, Minerva University, Bennett College, Northeastern, University of California at San Diego, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stanford Online, leaders of Fablab MIT, Masterclass educational platforms, British online University Futurelearn, Arabic Edraak, Skillbox will speak at the 10th anniversary conference, Skyeng, Yandex Workshop, representatives of innovative schools of the world of Dubai, Finland, South Korea, Turkey, USA, Singapore, Estonia, Thailand, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and the UK. 

It is noteworthy that several tracks will be held simultaneously at three venues, including early development, school education, university education, corporate education and EdTech.

In 150 discussions, master classes and reports, speakers will talk about modern achievements of digital technologies, cognitive science, artificial intelligence in education, neuroscience training, strategies for educating a successful person, design thinking, home schooling, the launch of an online master's degree

Official partners: AITAS Holding, Foundation for Sustainable Development of Education (FURO), Skillbox Holding, JUZ40, Design Thinking Center Asia

Intellectual partners:  Ingenious Faces, Singapore Education Network, USTEM Foundation, Teacher X, Smart Ranking, GLOBAL NOMAD, KLIMENT-CONTENT, GAUKHAR KIIKOVA, KazAELT, EduSteppe, PENN CLUB

Organizers: Akimat of Almaty, Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Education, AMAN SULTAN.

Detailed information can be found on the conference website 

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