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📚 Classes and OOP, useful materials

There were several requests in the feedbacks for useful materials on classes and OOP. We are conducting a lesson on OOP as part of the Python preparatory course for [big] data analysis, Py4BDA

🗓 09/23/2024 - 12/16/2024, full description

For those who want to upgrade right now (without waiting for September), we have prepared a list of resources, taking into account the specifics of Python and different levels of training.

🟢 beginner level

- Classes in Python

- About OOP from Real Python

🟡 intermediate level

- Specification of @property

- Managing access to attributes using @property

- Python Specification: Data model

Python's Mutable vs Immutable Types: What's the Difference?

🔴 advanced level

Python Descriptors: An Introduction

Descriptor HowTo Guide 

Life Hacks:

- Function overloading (data type hints in the IDE)

Thanks for the questions and have a good dive into the topic. If it is useful, then save it as a keepsake, put 🔥 and send it to your colleagues.

BigData Team: the way you learn best

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Очень полезный пост! Спасибо за инофрмацию!


Отличная статья Алексей! спасибо что делитесь полезными ссылками, сохранил в закладки!