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Online Roblox Game Programming Courses for Kids: Top 16

At Roblox, young talents can create their own games and share them with others. Here is a list of 16 training courses that will help your child master coding and create their own game worlds on this platform.

Age: 9-14 years old

Duration: 9 months

Cost: 800 rubles, 10% discount for new clients Link to the website:

Students from 9 to 14 years old can study the development of three-dimensional games on the Roblox platform, including programming. The courses are available both online and in person and consist of three levels. The program covers the use of Roblox Studio and 3D modeling.

Learning the Lua language for scripts:

  • The skill of creating game elements through programming.
  • Learning to develop games using the examples of LinnerRunner and Obby.
  • Techniques for working with lighting and shadows.
  • Using MeshPart for projects.
  • The basics of 3D modeling.
  • Preparation and creation of animations.
  • Design, including the launch of missiles.


  • Projects based on the results of each section.
  • Certificate after completion.
  • Educational videos on YouTube.
  • Articles for beginners on the course website.

Age: 10-16 years old

Cost: from 799 rubles

Link to the website:

On the SkySmart educational platform, teenagers from 10 years old and older can learn the basics of 3D modeling in the Roblox environment and program. The course includes the following aspects:

  • Introduction to creating three-dimensional models;
  • Working with extensions and scripts for games.

Age: 5-16 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

Link to the website:

The Robotica platform offers a unique educational program for children from 5 to 16 years old, where they can study 3D modeling and video game creation under the supervision of an experienced mentor. The course covers: 

  • Using Roblox Studio to create games; 
  • Development of various game projects, including Obby and capture the flag; 
  • An introduction to C# programming and the creation of your own games, both space shooters and simple platformers. 

The program offers a number of advantages: 

  • Free trial session; 
  • Flexible individual training schedule; 
  • The ability to conveniently distribute the load; 
  • A chance to include your own projects in your portfolio.

Age: 8-12 years old

Cost: from 849 rubles

At Coddy, children aged 8-12 can learn how to create Roblox games without previous experience. Classes are available online and offline, individually or in a group. The course includes:

  • Lua Coding Basics and Development tools;
  • Development of algorithms to improve 3D projects.

Designing 3D models allows you to bring to life unique characters and entire game universes, including the development of location architecture. The advantages of such a process: 

  • Developing your own game project that will decorate your portfolio; 
  • After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate.

Age: 10-13 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

IT-COOL provides educational programs in the field of IT for teenagers 10-13 years old who have no experience in this field. Classes are held both in a group online format and according to an individual program. The course includes the following aspects: 

  • Learning how to create games in Roblox; 
  • Mastering the Lua scripting programming language; 
  • Application of knowledge in mathematics and physics for the development of three-dimensional objects and game projects; 
  • The study of vector algebra and the basic principles of 3D modeling.

Age: from 8 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

On the Internet platform It offers training in the design of three-dimensional objects in Roblox for teenagers from the age of 10. Classes are held remotely. Students have the opportunity to choose: individual lessons with a mentor or collective webinars led by a teacher.

Age: from 9 years old

Cost: from 5,990 rubles

On the Internet platform "Codim.Online" presents a training course on 3D graphics for children over 9 years old. The training includes: 

  • Mastering working with variables and functions; 
  • Development of reaction to user actions, logical abilities; 
  • The study of data comparison methods, the use of endless cycles;
  • In-depth study of data structures, the use of dictionaries and the integration of external libraries. 

The learning process can take place through video tutorials or personal sessions with a mentor.

Age: from 10 years old

Cost: from 840 rubles

On the Easy Pro educational platform, children from the age of 10 can take a unique course with a personal mentor online. The details of the course have not been fully disclosed, but it is known that it is focused on creating video games, developing analytical thinking and learning to code in Lua using specialized tools.

Age: 10-12 years old

Cost: on request

Creating a UI for applications on phones and computers. This project, based on a personal idea, offers attractive conditions: the first lesson is free of charge and the issuance of a digital certificate after graduation.

Age: from 8 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

The course of study includes: 

  • Introduction to basic programming techniques; 
  • Basics of working with 3D graphics; 
  • Basic skills in scripting;
  • Creating scenarios for games of varying complexity; 
  • Developing elements for games;
  • Training in methods of transferring data from the client to the server.

Age: 10-11 years old

Cost: free of charge

An interactive educational platform for children aged 10-11 offers a course on the basics of three-dimensional modeling. Details of the program have not been disclosed, but it is known that students will:

  • Making up stories for video games and bringing them to life;
  • Create 3D characters and customize the characteristics;
  • Learn the basics of Lua programming using the RS engine.

Age: Grades 8-11

Cost: free of charge

The IEO electronic educational platform offers various courses for students in grades 8-11. The study can take place remotely or in the classroom. The courses include: 

  • Master classes on creating 3D models; 
  • Learning Python Programming; 
  • Game development and more.

Age: 12-14 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

HomeCoder offers training for teenagers aged 12-14 to create games on the Roblox platform. The course includes individual classes where students learn the basics of working in Roblox Studio, engage in 3D design and master modeling. The training program also covers the development of game levels and programming in the Lua language. After completing the course on game mechanics development, students have the opportunity to complete the final project. The trial lesson is provided without payment.

Even beginners with no programming experience can learn how to create games and 3D models in Roblox through a video lecture course. The training covers many aspects, from card design to game mechanics development. The advantages of this approach: 

  • The opportunity to study at a comfortable pace; 
  • Ease of assimilation of the material.

Studying the design of game locations; Mastering the basic principles of creating three-dimensional games; Practice using tools for 3D modeling on the Roblox platform. Educational videos will help you learn the material in an interesting and visual way.

Age: 10-14 years old

Cost: on request

Pythonics offers an exciting immersion in 3D modeling for teenagers 10-14 years old. While learning Lua programming, the guys develop four original game applications, replenish their creative archive, and master the skills of visualization and manipulation of 3D objects through coding. Course details and access conditions are available upon request.

Age: from 8 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

Aspiring artists over the age of eight can now master 3D graphics in unique small groups, where each student has attentive support. — Training includes the study of modeling methods and the creation of virtual game spaces; — Students can post their work online to receive feedback; — The course is aimed at strengthening critical thinking and the ability to solve problems.

Familiarization with the basics of information technology and game development. The service provides an opportunity to evaluate its capabilities for free, eliminating the need to pay for it. Prices are flexible, and discounts are provided for the purchase of educational courses.


Three-dimensional graphics are gaining popularity in games and applications for all ages, becoming an integral part of the software. When choosing an educational institution to study 3D design, it is important to make a joint decision between parents and children, taking into account the child's hobbies and the level of complexity of the program. This approach will help you find the right course and start a successful study.

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