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Skyrona sums up 2 months of training!

The results of the Skyrona programming school for two months in the TecHord program.

For the past period within the framework of the program Since then, at the Skyrona Programming School, we have made tremendous progress in mastering the programming language and developing key skills. Let's take a look at what we have achieved in these two months.

We started with the basics. Having familiarized ourselves with the syntax of the programming language, we plunged deeply into its world and understood how to properly structure and organize our programs. We have studied the basic elements such as variables, operators, conditional operators and loops. With their help, we learned how to create logical constructions and manage the progress of the program depending on certain conditions.

However, our work was not limited only to the basic constructions of the language. We also got acquainted with various data structures that allow us to efficiently organize and store information. We have studied sets that help us work with unique values and perform operations on them. In addition, we have mastered tuples (tuple), lists (list) and dictionaries (dict), which provide us with various ways of structuring and accessing data.

One of the important aspects of programming is working with files. We have learned how to read and write data to files using Python. This opens up opportunities for us to work with external data sources and save the results of our programs for future use.

An important stage of our training was the study of functions and their application. The students were told that functions are a powerful tool that allows us to break the program into smaller and logically related parts. They taught me how to create my own functions, pass arguments and return values. By applying the functions in practice, we have consolidated all the topics studied, and now our students have become more confident in their programming skills.

During our training, we not only studied theory, but also actively applied the acquired knowledge in practice. We solved a variety of practical tasks that allowed us to delve into each of the topics and apply our skills in real situations. This helped us to strengthen our knowledge and develop the skill of solving problems using programming.

We are proud of the progress we have made, and we are confident that this knowledge and skills will become the basis for our future in programming.

Thank you for joining us on a journey through the world of programming. We are glad to be your guides and hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.

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