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Comparison of VR glasses: Oculus Quest 3, HTC Vive Pro 2, PlayStation VR and Apple Vision Pro — Which ones to choose? 🎮🔍

There are several key devices in the virtual reality world that provide unique immersive experiences. Let's look at the main features of four popular VR glasses: Oculus Quest 3, HTC Vive Pro 2, PlayStation VR and Apple Vision Pro.

1️⃣ Oculus Quest 3:

  • Features: Wireless, self-contained headset with the ability to connect to a PC.
  • Resolution: 2064x2208 pixels pixels per eye.
  • Advantages: It does not require connection to a PC or console, affordable price, an extensive catalog of games and applications.
  • Disadvantages: Limited battery life.

2️⃣ HTC Vive Pro 2:

  • Features: A wired headset aimed at professional and enthusiastic use.
  • Resolution: 2448 x 2448 pixels per eye.
  • Advantages: High image quality, wide field of view, good integration with various VR platforms.
  • Disadvantages: High price, requires a powerful PC.

3️⃣ PlayStation VR:

  • Features: Wired headset, designed for use with PlayStation consoles.
  • Resolution: 960 x 1080 pixels per eye.
  • Advantages: Good integration with PlayStation games, affordable price.
  • Disadvantages: Lower resolution compared to competitors, requires a PlayStation camera to track movements.

4️⃣ Apple Vision Pro:

  • Features: Apple's latest product combining VR and AR capabilities.
  • Resolution: Vision Pro is equipped with two micro-OLED screens with a resolution of 3660 x 3200 pixels per eye.
  • Advantages: Integration with the Apple ecosystem, high-quality materials and assembly, the latest tracking and interactivity technologies.
  • Disadvantages: The presumably high price may require compatibility with other Apple products, heavy weight.

The choice of VR glasses depends on your preferences, budget and what games or applications you plan to use. Oculus Quest 3 offers convenience and accessibility, HTC Vive Pro 2 is ideal for those who are looking for the highest quality and are willing to invest in it, PlayStation VR is great for PlayStation console owners, and Apple Vision Pro promises to be a breakthrough in the integration of AR and VR. Which VR glasses would you prefer? 🌐🎮💡

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