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Telegram Business: functionality and features

Telegram recently released an update for entrepreneurs – Telegram Business. At the moment, it is available to every user with a premium subscription. Let's figure out what it is and whether it is worth using it for your business. 

The main advantage of a Telegram business account is convenient communication with customers. Let's look at all the possibilities in detail: 

If you have a physical office or store, you can add the exact address of your profile bio. This way, the person will not need to open third-party applications to get to you. It is enough just to open the cards via Telegram. 

If you often communicate with clients, you will need the opportunity to add working hours to your profile. During non-working hours, customers will receive a rebound, which you can read about below. 

Now it is not necessary to send your nickname or phone number, the easiest way to quickly contact you has appeared – a link to the chat. Customers will need to click on it, and they will immediately get into a dialogue with you. 

You can customize the welcome text, for example: "Thank you for contacting us! We will answer you soon." It will arrive during business hours. During non-working hours, you can also set up a response: "Thank you for contacting us! We will respond during business hours."

Chops can be configured for all users, or you can select certain contacts or, conversely, exclude certain contacts from the list of those to whom the chops will be sent.

You can add quick answers if you already know what questions customers ask you most often. For example, if you are often asked about your weekend work schedule, you can add an answer: "Unfortunately, we don't work on weekends, but we are ready to help you on weekdays." 

Telegram is known for its chatbots, and many companies have already used them in their work. Now the chatbot can be linked to your business account. 

In addition to all the previous features, Telegram has recently added another one: the ability to promote your profile in Telegram Ads. This feature is available in the euro account and works in the usual way, but now you can advertise not only an external link, chatbot or channel, but also the Telegram profile itself. 

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