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💻 The best resources for those who are looking for adventure and are ready to participate in hackathons / competitions.

 🌟 Here's your one-stop guide to finding the perfect hackathon / competition to challenge yourself and level up your skills.

TOP 9 Hackathon/ Competition Search Platforms:

📌 Data Science/Machine Learning (DS/ML) Competitions on Kaggle: Sharpen your data wrangling and analysis skills! (link:

📌 International Hackathons on Devpost: Find a global challenge and collaborate with coders worldwide! (link:

📌 Artificial Intelligence Hackathons on LabLab AI: Dive deep into the world of AI and build something amazing! (link:

📌 CIS Hackathons on CodenRock: Challenge yourself with contests specific to the CIS region! (link:

📌 CIS DS/ML Hackathons/Competitions on Test your data prowess against fellow CIS competitors! (link:

📌 Official Telegram Contests on Contest: Find coding challenges happening right on Telegram! (link:

📌 Junction Hack the Future hackathons: Explore a variety of challenges and make a difference! (link:

📌 Telegram Groups & Channels: Join communities like "Hackathons" Telegram Channel to stay updated! (link:

📌 Local Hackathons in Kazakhstan: Check out Astana Hub for events happening near you! (link: ️

TOP 5 must-participate Annual Hackathons for students in Kazakhstan:

📌 <HackNU/> Hackathon by ACM at Nazarbayev University;

📌 JAS Talents Hackathon by Jas Ventures;

📌 Samsung Innovation Hackathon by Samsung Innovation Campus;

📌 IT Fest Hackathon by International Information Technologies University;

📌 nFactorial Cup Hackathon by nFactorial School;

TOP 2 must-participate Annual International Challenges for students:

📌 Microsoft Imagine Cup:;

📌 Google Solutions Challenge:;

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