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Top 10 Free resources for learning how to Create websites for children

In the modern world of information technology, more advanced IT skills are becoming increasingly valuable. The simple ability to install programs and reinstall operating systems is no longer enough. Only those who have programming skills in various languages and are versed in website creation, understand neural network algorithms, are proficient in 3D modeling and are versed in architectural software can become successful and in-demand specialists in the future. One of the most popular directions in the field of IT is the creation of websites. For children, this is an interesting area of activity, as they will be able to make a website for themselves, their school or their project. To do this, there are many different computer courses for schoolchildren. It is there that HTML and CSS are studied, as well as all the features of creating landing pages, landing pages, online stores and other sites.

Understanding the principles of programming and the ability to create their own programs or web applications will give children a significant advantage in the labor market. IT skills not only open the door to potentially high-paying professions, but also allow children to develop their creativity and innovative thinking. 

Modern teachers understand that it is sometimes very difficult to keep a child's attention. That is why elements of gamification are used in the work so that the child can achieve results in a playful way. For example, instead of memorizing notes and writing information in a notebook, the guys can create a website in a competitive mode or come up with a design for it. This approach constantly keeps the child's attention and gives him the opportunity to realize his creative desires.

In this article, we will talk about ten courses where you can get information on creating websites for free.

An interactive approach to learning HTML for children, for example, is used in the Pixel programming school. Here children can learn not only website creation, but also programming in various languages, as well as robotics, 3D modeling and computer literacy.

Children from 6 years old can study at the Pixel children's programming school. IT courses will help you improve your digital competencies and find a new valuable hobby. Classes can be held both online and in person in Moscow and the Moscow region. This allows you to choose a convenient mode of attending classes. This is especially true if the child goes to other clubs and sections. 

Also, the Pixel school has special playlists on Youtube in various directions, with the help of which you can learn a lot of useful information for free. For example, in the playlist "Web Programming Lessons" you can find 8 videos where the topics are discussed in detail:

  • HTML tags
  • Hyperlinks
  • Creating an online store
  • Site layout
  • Creating a calculator, etc.

For a deeper study of this area, children can take a special course from the Pixel school in order to fully understand all the nuances of learning and choose a vector of development in IT. 

Another interesting lesson: Web Programming Lessons for children: HTML and CSS - Lesson 1. Installing Brackets and Basic HTML Tags

Programming websites allow you to visually familiarize yourself with the training programs and choose the appropriate direction. But some schools offer free lessons, which can be a great start to learn the features of creating websites. 

BrainsCloud offers a course where you can get acquainted with the basics of web layout, understand the basics of HTML and CSS. It will take about an hour and a half in time, and the videos are divided into thematic blocks for convenience.

If your child wants to create interesting websites, set up animations on them and work with text, he can take this free course from Stepik. Lessons are available for students from 12 years old, and no initial programming knowledge is required. The course is taught by teachers of the Pixel school.

Here beginners can get acquainted with self-help books on programming, AI, web development, etc. Also, students will be able to get acquainted with CSS styles, learn the basics of working with web design, learn cybersecurity, programming in various coding languages, etc.

In addition, there is an option for students to study the creation of websites and other areas in paid courses. At the same time, schoolchildren and students can get a 50% discount on tuition. The possible difficulty for students of such courses is that the site works in English.

Khan Academy is a learning platform for children where you can find such directions:

  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • Economics and Finance
  • Computer science
  • Art
  • Humanities

There are courses in the areas of "Algorithmics", "Cryptography" and "Information Theory", after studying which, you can learn more about the IT field and tighten up knowledge that can be useful, for example, in the study of web design for children, programming, etc.

Games for children are not only entertainment, but also a way to learn information more quickly. On this site (by the way, also in English) there are many free interactive courses that are designed for self-study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Here, both children and adults will be able to find a wide range of topics to study that are related to programming, mathematics, engineering and coding. Since these are voluminous and highly specialized courses that will help you study many areas, including Javascript, games for children and programming, they will help you develop your IT competencies and choose a vector for studying information technology.

As with the previous platform, Coursera contains many different courses that are available to children. An interesting fact is that these are courses from various universities from all over the world. Here you can choose both paid and free destinations, so there are many options to choose from. 

In total, more than 5,400 courses are available on the platform. Among them, you can find suitable training programs on coding, creating HTML websites for children and adults, cybersecurity, etc.

The HTML5 Rocks website has a rather poor design, but it contains a lot of courses that will help in developing web designer skills. In addition, this site was created by Google, which already inspires confidence. Here you can study courses in the following areas:

  • HTML
  • Creating forms
  • Confidentiality
  • Adaptive design
  • CSS, etc.

Of course, you can't download Javascript for children on the site, but the rest of the courses are informative enough to take your first steps in the IT field.

You can also get acquainted with a free video lesson on the topic "Web programming lessons for children: HTML and CSS - Lesson 3. Tables and CSS basics"

A List Apart is one of the most professional online publications for web developers and designers. Here you can find information on design, big data processing, CSS, UX-UI design, etc. And all this is absolutely free. 

This is a free programming site for children and adults, a resource that can be used to learn from the experience of professionals. This may especially appeal to children who do not have enough materials in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

Books for children have ceased to have the same importance as in the past. Now it takes much more to focus attention. It can be a website, an interactive course, or videos. All this can be found on the Coursesforkids website. In addition to HTML, you can learn java script for children here, as well as prepare for learning more complex programming languages. On the website, you can find basic information that will help you understand whether a child likes this direction.

More and more areas of our life are becoming dependent on the Internet, so knowledge of the basics of web development and website creation for children is becoming an important part of the education of the younger generation. These skills will help children understand how the Internet works and how to create and develop their own web projects.

By learning the basics of web development, children will learn how to develop and implement their ideas in online projects, as well as improve their task setting and work organization skills. They can also take courses in web design for children, learn programming of high-level languages, learn 3D modeling, etc.

Knowledge of these skills gives children a chance to acquire valuable skills and become in-demand specialists in the future. Therefore, it is important to find a special school right now so that the child can learn the IT skills in demand.