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Top 14 online courses for children in Kazakhstan: rating and review

Distance learning is gaining momentum: more and more adults and children are learning new things without leaving home.

The remote way of studying is comfortable because you can live anywhere — and take courses from all over the world. There is no need to go anywhere, spend resources on the road — it remains to turn on the computer and join the lesson.

The Pixel Programming School presents a rating of the best online courses for schoolchildren of Kazakhstan in various exciting areas: coding, graphic design, blogging, video editing. You have specified the age, term and format — choose the appropriate subject and course.

Programming courses for children online

Let's start with computer classes: guys like to spend time on the PC, so why not direct this interest in a productive direction.

Passion for development will help to develop logic and creativity, perseverance and determination, attentiveness and adaptability, the ability to recognize and correct mistakes, organization and the ability to work in a team.

IT will awaken in the child a propensity for academic subjects: physics, mathematics, computer science, English.

Children's online programming school "Pixel"

Age: 5-17 years

Duration: 12-36 classes

In a group or in person: both options

Link to the website:

At the IT courses, children learn how to use a PC, get acquainted with programming in the Scratch Junior and Kodu Game Lab visual environments, write websites with HTML and JavaScript, do web design in Figma and Photoshop, design web pages in Tilda, study the Python coding language, design three-dimensional objects in Blender, make 2D and 3D games on Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Unity platforms.

The student has access to an office where there are recordings of lessons, homework and a chat with the teacher.

The learning system is modular: the child delves into the development step by step, improving and deepening knowledge from level to level. You can complete one block or upgrade your skills in full.

Lessons are conducted in a game format: students receive points for the results, which are exchanged for prizes. This approach inspires us not to give up what we started.

As a result, everyone will be the owner of a memorable personal certificate, which will be a confirmation of the efforts made and will be useful when entering a technical university.

Online computer courses for children at the KnewIT programming school

Age: from 13 years

Term: 2-6 months

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website: /

The guys learn Python and JavaScript, comprehend the art of frontend development, study the layout of websites with HTML and CSS, learn Java and PHP, master C# and C++, understand React and Yii, write Android applications, explore SQL and Golang, consider Angular JS and Vue.js .

The recruitment of groups takes place weekly, and classes are held in the evenings. At the end of the course, the student will be helped to make a resume and will be advised on finding a job in IT.

IT training at the computer academy "STEP"

Age: 7-14 years

Term: from 8 months to 5 years

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website:

The "First Step" is waiting for future programmers 7-8 years old: children will get acquainted with the PC, learn the basics of development and game development, enrich themselves with 3D modeling and robotics skills, understand graphics and animation, learn how to create photo and video content.

For older children, IT courses are designed on the following topics: Python coding and game design, artificial intelligence and robot assembly, website and mobile application implementation, graphic design and animation research, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

The program is based on an adaptive approach and contains elements of gamification. The training is based on practice: no notes and lectures. Each student has an electronic diary in which you can access grades, study materials, ratings, homework, exam schedules and classes.

Earning the internal currency StepCoin, students acquire pleasant and useful things: from T-shirts and selfie sticks to flash drives and keyboards.

Online classes for schoolchildren on programming in Element

Age: 9-17 years old

Duration: lessons 3 times a week

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website: /

Classes at the school are held in the following areas: digital creativity and mobile development, website design with Tilda and web design on the CodeMonkey platform, learning Python and motion design.

Homework is given in the form of games, there are notes for each lesson. Even young IT graduates get access to the community, where job ads are posted, and IT experts share their experience.

Online courses for schoolchildren in graphic design

To unleash creative potential, develop imagination, "try on" the profession of a digital artist — all this is about graphic design, which will surely interest creative personalities.

Such a hobby pumps up the sight, taste, visual coordination and the ability to think outside the box.

Web design and graphics in YesCoding

Age: 11-17 years old

Duration: 36 lessons

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website:

The guys will master the skill of developing attractive websites: they will learn how to work with Figma, make illustrations and compositions, select a color palette, draw using primitives and Bezier curves, learn about the differences between UI and IX, comprehend the concept of convenience of web pages.

In the process of learning, the teenager connects a demonstration of the screen, and the teacher observes and corrects.

The student needs to know the basics of English and be able to type text in this language, be able to perform mathematical calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Online courses for children aged 10 to 15 on graphic design in GeekBrains

Age: 10-15 years

Duration: 8 months

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website:

Students will test themselves in professions ranging from illustrator to brand designer, as well as master software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

The child will be able to create a commercial product: analyze customer requests, delve into their problems, test solutions. To do this, you will have to work with fonts and colors, learn how to draw and adapt illustrations. In addition, the program includes composition and coloristics, patterns and volume, effects and collages, formats and frames.

The student will collect a portfolio, becoming the author of illustrations, posters, font compositions and logos.

Remote classes for children on web design in "Rebotic"

Age: 8-16 years old

Term: 1-2 years

In a group or in person: personally

Link to the website:

The student will master the basics of web and graphic design, branding and creating web pages with Figma and Tilda. The student will be able to operate the components of the site, implement animation, observe a single style, choose fonts and present the work to the customer.

Current web designers will share life hacks and tell you how to start the journey and fulfill the first order. Mentors and the program are selected taking into account the nature and characteristics of the child.

It is necessary to develop an online store, landing page, brandbook, banner, advertising video. During the training, the student will make a project for which he will receive a reward.

Graphic design courses in Photoshop at CODDY

Age: 10-14 years

Term: from 6 months

In a group or in person: both options

Link to the website: /

A teenager will learn how to work in a Photoshop graphic editor: he will design attractive graphics and website design, retouch images and apply filters, prepare materials for printing. The student will pump up the sense of color and composition, embody ideas and fantasies with the help of graphics.

Upon graduation, the student will make a design project and portfolio. Among the completed works are a series of stickers and an advertising composition, a label and a postcard, a calendar and an image with complex visualization, a conceptual poster and a retouched photo, a character and a comic.

Distance learning of a child in CODDY IT school to 3D game modeling in Blender

Age: 10-14 years

Term: from 9 months

In a group or in person: both options

Link to the website:

The students will master the potential of three-dimensional modeling and graphics with the participation of the Blender program. A teenager will understand the logic of constructing graphic spatial objects, acquire technical and engineering skills, learn about creating computer games and special effects, develop three-dimensional figures and virtual worlds.

The student will work with materials and textures, delve into the concepts of nodes and modifiers, figure out the animation of the camera and lighting, master sculpting and rigging, work on a video and a portfolio of a 3D artist.

Digital design course at Kodland

Age: 10-12 years

Duration: 32 lessons

In a group or in person: both options

Link to the website:

Children are taught to design cartoons, draw on a PC and create spatial worlds. The student will understand digital design and animation, illustration and multidimensional modeling.

Lesson topics: color and light, composition and 3D, computer graphics and the basics of the implementation of cartoons. The child will come up with and embody the author's character and locations, a comic book with a storyline and heroes, concept art and a 2D cartoon, a 3D model and a final animated project. It is necessary to master the programs Tinkercad, Krita, .

A novice designer can exhibit works in a special hub, where students share their own results and discuss others'.

Online courses for children on blogging, video editing and editing

The ability to handle videos and manifest yourself as a blogger has become basic today: a reason to test yourself in this capacity.

Video editing and video blogging courses in ITfuture

Age: from 7 years

Term: according to a private schedule

In a group or in person: personally

Link to the website: /

During the course, the child will fulfill his dream: he will become a YouTube star and the author of a popular channel, will acquire an audience.

After practicing the video editing program, a novice blogger will find out the secrets of shooting content, creating exciting videos, and running a YouTube channel.

The student will learn to focus the viewer's attention on an attractive and informative picture, to assemble and assemble the finished product from parts in Adobe Premiere Pro, to use tools to improve content.

Online video editing classes for children at the International School of Professions

Age: 8-16 years old

Duration: 16 academic hours

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website: https://almaty.spbsot .kz

The student will master Adobe Premiere, will be able to mount videos and make bright videos, use programs and work with sound.

According to the plan — importing files and saving projects, studying SD and HD resolutions, working with videos and pictures, developing a video sequence by the type of gluing and sketching, using hotkeys and video transitions, color correction and editing, studying the tempo and mixing.

The child will build a full-fledged video from the footage of his own material.

Installation training in JunySchool

Age: from 7 years

Term: from 1 month

In a group or in person: both options

Link to sai:

The child will learn how to make videos and master the skill of editing. Skills will help to improve projects.

The lesson includes theory, practice, homework and tasks to check the material passed. The theoretical part takes up to 20% of the lesson: the emphasis is on the application of the acquired knowledge.

A program is compiled for each student, taking into account the level, interests and personal characteristics.

Online video editing classes for teenagers at the 1C Training Center

Age: from 11 years old

Duration: 4 hours

In a group or in person: in a group

Link to the website:

The training will help you understand what video editing is, start working with videos and create projects. Students will hear about the rules of editing and the components of the video, understand the programs and the influence of sound, learn the mechanisms of audio and video editing, learn about the frame rate and the small unit of the film, consider the types of plans and their use.

The child will analyze the principles of editing with Movavi Video Editor: watch the video separation and make the transition between plans, make a splash screen and titles, apply filters and work on the audio track, use tracking tools.


We are completing a selection of the best online courses for children living in Kazakhstan. We hope that among the listed places we managed to find something that responds to you and suits the child.

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