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Participant of Astana Hub, startup of "V-SOFT" LLP.

The company "V-Soft" was registered in 2023, is engaged in the development, implementation, maintenance, development, modification and implementation of software, automating accounting and business processes of legal entities throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Selected type of activity:

1. Development, implementation, maintenance, development, modification and implementation (including the implementation of services integrated into software and technical capabilities, through commercial use, including the placement of paid content, sale of embedded additional functionality) of software and software product;

2. Development, development, modification, implementation, operation and maintenance of software and (or) hardware and software complexes using cloud computing technologies.

The main areas of automation are the following business sectors: microfinance organizations, pawnshops, credit partnerships, collection agencies, as well as other companies involved in the processes of issuing and repaying loans.

Additional information can be obtained by e-mail: .

We are always open for cooperation and will be glad to cooperate.

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