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We meet Samsung Galaxy S24 - what is already known

The next generation of the flagship Galaxy S series promises to make significant improvements in mobile technology. Following the established trends, the Samsung Galaxy S24, presented next year, will represent a breakthrough in the field of chipset, memory and case design.

The heart of the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be the exclusive version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which represents the pinnacle of Qualcomm engineering. It will provide an enhanced clock speed of the Cortex X4 core up to 3.4 GHz and the Adreno 750 GPU up to 1000 MHz. This promises to increase productivity both in computational tasks and in graphically intensive applications.

Speaking of memory, Samsung does not skimp on volumes. The standard S24 and S24 Plus models will be equipped with 12 GB of RAM, while the S24 Ultra model will receive as much as 16 GB. This will allow devices to cope with the most demanding tasks and applications without slowing down.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out from its predecessors not only by its hardware characteristics, but also by its titanium case, which provides excellent durability and lightness. At the same time, the remaining models of the series will retain a high-quality aluminum body, emphasizing their elegant design.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset will consist of multi-level cores to optimize performance: one powerful Cortex X4 core, three Cortex A720 cores to balance performance and energy efficiency, two Cortex A720 cores and four energy-efficient Cortex A520 cores. This configuration of the chipset promises an optimal balance between power and autonomy of the device.

Taking into account the upcoming performance improvements, it is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will set new standards in the performance and durability of mobile devices. The price is expected to reflect these innovations, establishing the Galaxy S24 as a premium device in the flagship smartphone lineup.

According to the tradition of previous years, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected in February or March next year, with subsequent market entry.

In light of these expectations, the Samsung Galaxy S24 promises to be more than just a new sm

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