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Web development from a Tech Orda student!

Who needs a stylish and functional website? Order from me – I'm completing one project and I'm ready to take on a new one! I guarantee a beautiful result that will please you. We will discuss the price by agreement! 😊💻 My skills:

1) Generation of unique business ideas, I will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

2) Brand creation: from logo to corporate identity.

3) Professional photography of your products, personnel, and production processes. I shoot by myself and I know a lot of talented photographers.

4) Development of amazing websites. I am actively learning coding and will soon master this skill completely! 😊🚀

Information: In October, I was lucky enough to receive a grant from Astana Hub within the framework of the Tech Orda program for training in "Web development: from beginner to pro". The training will last 10 months, during which we will take modules and submit term papers.

It's only been a month, and I'm already starting to master some skills confidently. My task for the first course project was to find a real company and develop a website for them. I have found promising young specialists engaged in furniture production. Their website is under development, and I will provide the final version soon. Thank you so much for your trust! ❤️

To apply, contact me in private messages or leave a request on my [website]( ).

Examples of my training projects are available at the following links 😊: -

[Example 1]( /) - [

Example 2]( /)

I recommend viewing on large screens, as the mobile version has a simplified version.

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