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In the modern world, the volume of data is growing rapidly, and data visualization is becoming more and more necessary. Companies strive to optimize their business processes as much as possible and make decisions based on reliable data. However, collecting, analyzing and presenting this data can be a daunting task. Yessen & Company is a leading company in the field of data analytics, specializing in providing advanced solutions and advice. We offer our clients innovative tools and approaches to data visualization that make it easy to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions based on data. Our team of data analytics experts develops interactive dashboards, dashboards and graphical reports that help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of key factors and trends and make informed decisions based on data. We believe that deep data analysis is a key success factor and allows us to anticipate market trends, improve customer interaction and effectively manage processes. 


We have developed a system that allows us to systematize data from different sources, such as and Attendance Bot, and visualize them using Google Looker Data Studio for use in our daily work.


One of the key functions is monitoring employee visits. We track how many employees come and go in the office on a certain day. We can also identify the first employee who came and the last employee who left. This data helps us to identify the optimal work schedule for employees, especially with a flexible work schedule. 


On the next dashboard, we display information about current tasks in the "In Progress" section, the total number of tasks in progress and the average duration of tasks in the "In Progress" stage. This data allows the company's team to see their performance and work efficiency on the screen. We can track the progress of tasks and optimize the workflow to achieve maximum productivity. 


Additionally, we provide graphs reflecting the average hours employees stay in the office and the average duration of tasks. This data helps us analyze employee performance and identify potential areas for improvement. We can determine the optimal time to stay in the office and optimize the task execution time to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.


In general, the use of such a dashboard and data visualization allows the Yessen & Co team to see the full picture of your performance and work efficiency. We can easily track the process of completing tasks and monitor employee attendance, which helps us identify internal problems and optimize the workflow. This approach allows us to create comfortable working conditions for employees and improve the efficiency of the company as a whole.


Data integration using and Attendance Bot:

To get the data, Yessen company & Co uses the API and Attendance Bot. With the help of specially written code, the data is read from Kanbandesk to Notion, and then transferred to Google Sheets. Thus, information from various sources is combined in one place.


For data visualization and analysis, Yessen & Co uses Google Looker Data Studio. This tool allows you to create various graphs and charts, as well as conduct detailed data analysis. Every morning and evening, the data is updated, providing the company's team with up-to-date information about the completion of tasks and employee attendance.


Thanks to the data monitoring and visualization system, Yessen & Co can identify internal problems and areas of development. For example, an analysis of the average duration of tasks in the "In Progress" stage may indicate problems with work efficiency or potential bottlenecks in the process of completing tasks. Analysis of employee attendance data allows you to identify optimal work schedules and resource allocation.


Yessen & Co has developed a system that allows efficient systematization of data from various sources, including and Attendance Bot. Thanks to data visualization using Google Looker Data Studio, the company's team has access to up-to-date information about the completion of tasks and employee attendance. This helps to identify problems and areas of development, which ultimately contributes to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Yessen & Co.

We are deeply convinced of the power of data analytics and its ability to transform business. With the help of our data analysis and visualization system, our clients can make informed decisions, optimize processes and reach new heights in their business.

If you want to use data as a competitive advantage, contact Yessen & Co. Our team of experts is always ready to help you use data analytics to develop your business. We are happy to cooperate with you to achieve new successes in the world of business analytics together.

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