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What I adore Kazakhstan for is its hospitality

It occurred to me that:

1️⃣ haven't been to visit for a long time

2️⃣ I've been living in Almaty for a year and a half, and I haven't been to all universities yet

I called a like-minded person at the beginning of the week, explained the essence of the matter and voila - today I met new wonderful people and got on a lamp tour of Narkhoz University.

I attach a photo from the tour, as well as a memorable photo:

(left) Bekzhan Tolybai, Director of Corporate Development Department, SDU (Suleiman Demirel University)

(right) Rasim Suliyev, Director of the School of Digital Technologies, NarXoz (Narxoz University) 

I hope to see you soon again, guest lectures and collaborations 🤗

P.S. we have crazy sets in universities here in Kazakhstan, the demand for teachers in IT is insanely beautiful. It seems that this is a good reason to come and fall in love with Almaty 😉

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