A charity evening

You are cordially invited to a charity evening dedicated to raising funds for equipping bomb shelters in kindergartens No. 37 and No. 74 in Chernihiv, Northern Ukraine. The event will be hosted in collaboration with the IT HR Community on April 14th at 7 PM at the Astana Hub International Technopark in Astana.

These two kindergartens have almost 400 children studying in them. Equipping the underground shelters will provide children with a safe space to stay during air alarms.

There are several schools and kindergartens under the care of the Kazakhstan Foundation "Angels of Freedom" in Chernihiv, a city that was severely affected by hostilities in February-March 2022.

During the evening, a short-film will be presented about the current situation of children's institutions in Chernihiv and how Kazakhstanis have been helping for 9 months to ensure safe education in schools in this city.

The charity foundation will share the results of their work and the participation of Kazakhstanis in the restoration of Ukrainian schools and assistance in providing safe education for children in Ukraine.

We would be grateful if you could join us for this event and contribute to this good cause on behalf of the IT community of Kazakhstan.

As the event is a closed one, we would appreciate it if you could confirm your attendance via reply message or by filling out the registration form at https://forms.amocrm.ru/rrrtvxm

A charitable donation can be made to the "Angels of Freedom" fund using the following details:

Public Fund "Angels of Freedom"

Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana city, Kabanbai Batyr street 2/4, office 69

BIN: 2301 4001 8766

КБе: 18

р/с USD: KZ86 9985 TB00 0160 4682

р/с KZT: KZ22 9985 TB00 0160 0499

АО “First Heartland Jusan Bank”


КPN (КНП): 119 (a charity donation)