"ART" - conference of digital artists

Hello everyone

And again on the upcoming Wednesday we are holding another "ART", a party for digital artists from GAMEDEV CENTER! 

"ART" is a conference for all those who are connected with digital art, graphic design, painting, illustrations, concept art, drawing on iPads and graphic tablets, who draw, create storyboards, texture, animate, make Motion graphics or are simply interested in digital visual art.. 

The meetings are held in order to bring together professionals and enthusiasts in the field of digital visual art. Here we discuss problems and news, hold product presentations, round tables. Artists, animators and Motion designers - we are waiting for everyone!


Igibayeva Malika is a teacher of the course "DIGITAL ART", the Center for Interactive Technologies and educational programs "OMNIUM"


Tarasov Lev is a 3D expert. Founder and CEO of ANIMO.KZ & OMNIUM.KZ


• Current state of education in the field of creative IT professions

• About GameDev Center and the Educational Metaverse


  • Choose an interesting topic and draw it for speed!  * Everyone who has an iPad for drawing, take it with you, we have only 10 pieces available ;). 

Date: August 30

Time: 19.00

Location: Astana, #AstanaHub, Mangilik El C4.6, 3rd floor, MEDIA HALL