CG-SREDA: How to start working at KING


We have good news for you: the next CG-SREDA will be very soon - April 20, 2022!

Start time: 19:00

Location: #AstanaHub, MediaHall, 3rd floor.

"CG-SREDA" is a conference for all those who are professionally connected with 3D, CG, VR/AR/MR or are simply interested in digital visual art. The meetings are held to bring together professionals and enthusiasts of 3D graphics, compositing, graphic design, games and systems virtual reality. Discussion of problems and news, product presentations, round tables. Developers, artists, executives, 3D and compositors - everyone is welcome!

This CG-SREDA will take place in a different format: we will have Malika Omarova, who started working as a technical artist at Activison Blizzard King in the English office. Malika will tell about her path, what were the difficulties, how the interview went and many other things that you will not read about on the Internet =) Therefore, we highly recommend attending the event, as there will be no recording.

Registration for the event is completed.

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Waiting for you!