CG-SREDA: Let's talk about 3D printing

"CG-SREDA" is a conference for all those who are professionally connected with 3D, CG, VR/AR/MR or just interested in digital visual art. The meeting is aimed to bring together professionals and enthusiasts of 3D graphics, composing, graphic design, games and virtual reality systems.
- Discussion of CG industry news for the last month.
- Main topic: 3D printing. What is it, how it used, and what are the perspectives.
- Product presentations. If someone wants to present their new products or talk about their work, you are welcome.
Contact us in advance and we will prepare everything that is necessary for this.
- Open discussion about 3D and etc.
The participation is free but the number of places is limited. If you want to take a part in the conference, you should have to register: