Anti-gravi protection Championship Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters

On August 18-19, the first Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters Anti-gravi Defense Championship will be held in Kazakhstan. Participants will be able to compete in the individual championship and win the title of Champion of Kazakhstan.

The championship will bring together master installers of anti-gravi film for cars from different cities of Kazakhstan. They will compete in their skills and abilities for the right to be called the winner – Champion of Kazakhstan.


Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters is a combination of sports competitions and an anti–gravi holiday. The championship will bring together masters from the industry of detaling, car care and installation of anti-gravity films on cars. For masters, this is a space not only for demonstrating skills, but also for sharing experiences, because it is important for each master to grow above himself and improve his skills every day. As they say: "There is no limit to skill."  


Skill, professionalism, willpower and strong nerves are the basis of success in competitions. But at the same time, each participant has already won by challenging himself.


The event is organized by Detailing DACAR studio with the support of the Hogomaku brand. 6 finalists of the main anti-gravity discipline of the Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters Anti-gravity Protection Championship of Kazakhstan will be awarded valuable prizes.

Each participant receives a cool T-shirt of the participant. The Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters Anti–gravi Protection Championship of Kazakhstan is two days of the strongest emotions, friendly support, opportunities to exchange experiences and a boost of energy for the whole year. Participants and viewers will enjoy a show program, prize draws and colorful photo shoots.

The address of the event: Astana, Abaya Ave., 8, Detailing DACAR studio.


Detailed information and registration of participants of Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters at the link:

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 See you at Hogomaku Kazakhstan Masters 2023.