DataArt’s Calling: Java, Data, Mobile, .Net,Management

Get a free face-to-face consultation with DataArt experts. Book a call with Data Science and Data Engineering specialists, Java, .Net and Android development, Project Management, HR and the regional head of the company.

On May 16-20, 2022, we will organize a series of one-on-one consultations with our colleagues - DataArt's Calling. Choose a specialist whose expertise can be useful to you, book a meeting with him and come to the call at the chosen time. Managers, recruitment experts and technical specialists are available for free consultations for 5 days.

You will have half an hour to ask an expert about everything you want to know and get professional advice. All meetings are FREE!



Zaure Akisheva,HRD DataArt in Kazakhstan

Kainar Mardenov, Head of DataArt Representative Office in Central Asia

Denis Motin ,Android Engineer

Artem Karpets , .Net Engineer  

Zhanar Alimova, Data Analyst 

Samat Kurmanov, Data Engineer 

Ruslan Arifullin,Data Engineer 

Alibek Zhibanyshev,Project Manager 

Daniyar Artykov, Java Engineer   

Aisha Amrekulova, Data Analyst