The long-awaited offline meeting on the topic: "From startups to investors and back: a unique first-hand experience"

How often recently have you heard the thesis that Kazakhstanis are superhumans, and this applies not only to the creative industry? We confirm: we have successful guys in IT and in venture capital.
Monday, the long-awaited startup spirit will reign in the hub and talk about the venture in a clear language. The headliner of the event will be a well-known venture investor in the Russian segment, the author of the Telegram channel "Venture by concepts", CEO and co-founder of SpatialChat (market–USA), partner of the FunCubator fund - Almas Abulkhairov.

We hear news from the world of venture every day, but it's hard to figure out how the venture market works, no doubt. There are many pitfalls.

Almas will share his experience of entering the US market, as well as how:
How to attract the investor's attention without running after him;
🔹Profit or growth at any cost? What should the founders of startups in the CIS focus on;
How to choose the right investor and not buy into empty promises of help.

We will meet live in the Astana Hub event hall on June 7 at 17:00.

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