Winner Formula

How to develop the qualities of a winner? How to think and make decisions like a champion? How to deal with the inner critic and be confident in yourself? How to be resilient and be able to quickly adapt?

Let's talk about this at a master class that I will conduct together with the ICU Master Coach, coaching coach, ICU mentor and supervisor, business coach Elina Tursunbayeva and the first sports coach in Kazakhstan, the champion of Kazakhstan in football and the mental training coach of the FC football center "Astana" Kuanysh Abdualiev.

 📈You know that according to statistics, among people involved in business or sports, only 20% are born winners, i.e. people born (or raised) with a winning mindset. This means that the other 80% need to work hard on themselves in order to succeed.

Is there something inalienable in all these achievements, without which it is impossible? And how to develop such qualities in yourself? We will look for answers to these questions together with you.

Yes, yes, as always, we will discuss, share thoughts, build hypotheses based on science and personal experience. After all, if the universal secret of victory had already been revealed, then there would be no need to discuss anything, everyone would use it.