Smart City Competition from Centras Venture

Centras Venture opens the acceptance of applications for the Smart City startup competition. Up to 5 million.

Register, present your project and receive a GRANT from 1,000,000 до to 5,000,000 ₸, as well as the possibility of additional financing within the framework of the Centras Venture venture fund.

What are we looking for?

Which categories are interesting to us?
1. Integration
2. Internet of things (IoT)
3. Analytics
4. Computer Vision

A pitching of teams will be organized in front of the Council, following which a decision will be made on granting a grant.

What awaits the finalists?
1st place - 5 million ₸
2nd place - 3 million ₸
3rd place - 1 million ₸

Success factors
availability of MVP
availability of contracts with customers

Have time to register before November 15, 2021.  The results will be known on December 1!

Registration is completed.