Hub Stories - Second Edition!

Dear habchan's

This Thursday, the Event Hall Astana Hub will host ALREADY the second event of the "Hub Stories" community project.

Hub Stories are presentations from Astana Hub participants. Once a week, 2 Hub members will share the most interesting stories with the audience. It could be a personal story of success or failure, a passionate lecture on the importance of microbiology or muffin baking, or the story of the village you come from. This is not a pitching platform - save your pitches for investment days.

The goal of the project is to bring the residents of Astana Hub closer together and share unusual stories that are interesting to listen to.

This Thursday at 13.00 you will hear the following stories:
- "Host, singer, dancer, stage fright" - Dias Zhakaev, member of Techpreneurs, Tiinsiz
- "Credit - our salvation? How to ensure the financial freedom of Kazakhstanis" - Amirkhan Torebek, member of Techpreneurs, Yona

Host of Hub Stories - Magzhan Sovetbek

Venue: Event Hall, stage, 1st floor

Time: Thursday, December 2, 13.00

Registration is completed.