How to get a grant of 65,000 EUR and enter the foreign market?

You can receive a grant without giving up a stake in the company, as well as acquire trusted business partners and grow in a new market in just a few months. To achieve international success, join Concordia Design Accelerator in Wroclaw, Poland, the technology center of Central and Eastern Europe. 

The program provides everything a dynamic, scalable company needs:

  • money for development (a grant of up to 65,000 EUR)
  • access to reliable business partners (+15 industry partners and +5 venture capitalists)
  • mentor support (+20)
  • help with all formalities. 

If you're interested, join our workshop!

Through the program you will work with representatives from world-renowned companies and experienced investors and entrepreneurs who have walked the path you are now on.


The deadline to apply for the program is May 2, 2022!

There are successful cases from Kazakhstan in the program. 

Wednesday, April 27 at 5 p.m. 

Registration is completed.