How to get investments for a startup: PR and competent recruitment as success factors

Investments are the most important component of startup success: they ensure the growth and stable development of young companies. At the webinar, we will talk about the main factors that will help attract the attention of investors – PR strategies and effective recruitment. 


What are we going to talk about? 

- Let's discuss the situation on the IT market

- Let's find out how PR and quality selection affect the receipt of investments

- We will identify the key problems of startups in team selection and PR promotion 

- Let's find out what an investment promotion is 

- Let's talk about the optimal hiring strategies for a startup

Each participant will receive cool checklists with step-by-step instructions!


Who can be useful? 

- Entrepreneurs and startup founders

- Specialists in the field of PR and marketing

- HR managers and recruiters

- Investors and venture capitalists

- Anyone who wants to learn more about the success of startups 


Tatiana Melnichuk is CEO and founder of Lucky Hunter international IT recruitment agency. Helped 500+ startups to get investments thanks to the competent selection of the team. The Recruiter Awards nominee in the Founder of the year 2023 category. TEDx speaker. Lives in London on a Global Talent Visa in Tech 

Yulia Maslennikova: CEO and founder of the international PR agency for startups and technology companies 25/8. Speaker of the international Acoustics project. I have done PR campaigns for more than 100 startups, thanks to which at least 5 have found their strategic investors. Lives in Paris

Are you ready to learn how to attract the attention of investors and create a strong team? Register and join us on September 7 at 20:00 Moscow time! The event is free!