Faro Foundation, a regional NGO committed to advancing digital literacy and bridging the digital divide, is pleased to announce the Launch Event of its presence in Central Asian region. The event will take place in the Media Hall of Astana Hub, on 14 July 2023 at 2 p.m.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Faro Foundation recognizes the unprecedented opportunities and challenges posed by digital technology. With a mission to empower individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world safely, the foundation aims to ensure that everyone can access and utilize digital resources for personal growth and community development.

The Launch Event in Astana will serve as a platform to introduce the Faro Foundation's mission, values, and programs to the region. It will bring together key stakeholders, including government representatives, civil society organizations, representatives of international organizations, and media, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.

We are delighted to announce that George Chen, Co-Director of the Tech for Good Initiative at The University of Hong Kong, will be one of the distinguished speakers and panelists at the Launch Event of the Faro Foundation in Central Asia. Previously, he served as the Managing Director of Public Policy for Greater China, Mongolia, and Central Asia for Meta, previously known as Facebook. In this role, George played a pivotal role as Meta's senior policy representative and supply chain leader in the Asia-Pacific region. He also oversaw Meta's work on U.S.-China relations and regional geopolitical issues.

With his deep understanding of the digital landscape and extensive knowledge of policy development, George Chen is a valuable addition to the event's lineup. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from his vast experience and gain valuable insights into the intersection of technology, policy, and social impact.

To RSVP and for further information, please contact Christina Oleinik at or +7 701 518 6582.


About Faro Foundation:

Faro Foundation is a regional NGO dedicated to advancing digital literacy and bridging the digital divide. By empowering individuals with the skills to navigate the digital world safely, the foundation aims to create inclusive opportunities for personal and community growth.


Media Contact: Ardak Tlepova

Executive Director, Faro Foundation Qazaqstan +7 708 180 07 10