• 250+ representatives of the CISO community from various industries from fintech to the oil industry;

  • 15+ thematic sessions, 2 tracks;

  • 40+ expert speakers;

The forum's audience includes decision makers from government and commercial organizations, industrial enterprises, as well as industry experts, consultants, cloud providers, and information security solution providers.

On November 2, a party pre-day of the forum - CISO HANGOUT & FUCKUP NIGHT will take place. No formal presentations and prepared slides.  Only an atmosphere of open exchange of experience, where everyone can share their success stories, failures and insights.

On November 3, the business program of the forum awaits you:

  • ANALYTICAL BREAKFAST. Threat Landscape: Focus Eurasia.
  • PLENARY SESSION. Ensuring cyber resilience in the region: operational strategies. BugBounty trends, strategic market trends, information security solutions.
  • TECHNOLOGY SESSION. Cyber ​​Security & Hybrid Cloud. Challenges of a secure hybrid infrastructure.
  • CASE STUDY. Building anti-fraud systems.
  • CASE STUDY.  DevSecOps. Data and application security.
  • CASE STUDY. Creating ICS/OT detection capabilities for SOC operations.
  • PRACTICAL PANEL. Transition to the ZERO TRUST concept.
  • ROUND TABLE. Strategies of the current moment. The role of CISO.
  • MASTER CLASS. Information security management throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • WHERE TO GET THE FOOTAGE? Training programs for young specialists and the development of information technology competencies.

The forum will be attended by: Allur, BTS Digital Ventures, Dragos, Inc. (USA), Eurasian Resources Group, Honeywell (UAE), Kazzink, PayMe (Uzbekistan), Toimart, Kazminerals, TSARKA, etc.

 Don't miss the large-scale CISO meeting! Registration is available on the website!